Where to Learn more about Business insurance in St Louis MO

Not All Business Insurance Is The Same

Where to Learn more about Business insurance in St Louis City MO | MJM Insurance® St Louis City | (314) 645-2100MJM Insurance® of St Louis City knows how vital it is to help business owners understand insurance selections and how to best protect business assets in case of a loss.  Our agents are here to help business owners know where to learn more about Business Insurance in St Louis MO.

There are many business issues that equally apply to sole proprietors and to large organizations.  Experienced business owners typically have a business license, pay their business taxes, and possibly have employees and payroll.  If business is good, then maybe an accountant to manage the bookkeeping.   All of these items have one thing in common…. INSURANCE.

Do you feel comfortable knowing your business is fully protected?  Have you gone through all risk scenarios and protected your business from potential financial loss? Owning the right business insurance makes good business sense.


Different businesses have different risk potentials, so insurers provide a wide-variety of business insurance coverages.  Determining which coverages best meets the needs of a business can be challenging.  Our licensed insurance agents at MJM Insurance® of St Louis City can help. We will run a free business analysis to help business owners identify potential risks. Once the risks are determined, we implement the best coverages that best minimizes potential losses.

Business Liability Insurance protects you and your business from financially devastating claims that may occur because of events over which you have minimal control. The coverages are designed to protect against the unknown risks posed by products, directors & officers, errors & omissions, discrimination and other such liabilities.

If you are a business owner with employees, Workers Compensation Insurance is state-mandated.  This coverage acts as a “no-fault” insurance system that pays benefits to workers injured on the job, to cover medical care, part of lost wages and permanent disability. Workers compensation insurance also protects the employers involved in civil lawsuits by employees over workplace injuries.

The Insurance Information Institute is also where to learn more about business insurance in St Louis MO.  The Insurance Information Institute exists to educate the public on what insurance is, and what it does.  The online directory and glossary covers specifics on Business Auto Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Business Liability, Workers Compensation and more.

The Missouri Department of Insurance is another resource for business owners to learn more about policy requirements and issues.  What if your employee claimed they were injured on the job because your business was not operating according to OSHA standards and rules?  Now you are faced with a lawsuit, and potentially astronomical attorney fees.  Business owners with the right insurance coverages can be protected.  Business Liability Insurance helps absorb the cost of defending lawsuits that may include investigations or settlements, and for any judgments or bonds required during an appeal.

Once you have done your research, and are ready for business… contact an agent with MJM Insurance® of St Louis City and discuss the next important step, protecting your business.

BUSINESS OWNERS….  MJM Insurance® Of St Louis City IS Where To Learn More About Business Insurance In St Louis City MO!

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