Where To Learn More About Home Insurance In St Louis MO

MJM Insurance® of St Louis City is the Place!

Where To Learn More About Home Insurance In St Louis MO | MJM Insurance® St Louis City | (314) 645-2100MJM Insurance® of St Louis City knows it is important to help home owners understand the options and how to best protect their family and assets in case of a loss.  Our agents are here to help business owners know where to learn more about home insurance in St Louis MO.

As a homeowner there is more to stake than just your mortgage. Homeowners are also responsible for personal injury as well.  If someone were to get injured while visiting friends, they could sue you for medical bills, loss of wages, etc.  MJM Insurance® of St Louis City can help you find where to learn more about home insurance in St Louis MO.

Not any homeowner policy is the same. Your policy includes literally dozens of options and there are many decisions you must make that determine how much insurance protection you actually have and/or need.  Your home insurance policy is not just a piece of paper that you think you’ll never use.  If disaster strikes you’ll be glad you are protected!


There are countless insurance products and coverages, sold by more than hundreds of insurance companies. Some of the coverage terms you will find on your declaration page includes dwelling coverage and personal property coverage.

Detailed information about home owner insurance and how to contact us can be found on our website page: Where To Learn More About Home Insurance In St Louis City MO.

The word dwelling in your home insurance policy actually refers to your home itself and attached structures, such as an attached garage. One of our experienced agents can run a cost analysis that calculates the cost to rebuild your home. If you don’t adjust the amount of insurance for your dwelling appropriately, you may not have enough insurance to replace your home if disaster strikes.

Your personal property includes all your personal items, such as furniture, clothing, electronics, appliances, etc.  Your personal property limit is usually 70% – 75% of your dwelling limit.  However, you can adjust this upward if you need more protection, discuss your options with us. We’re here to help!

Our licensed agents shop many carriers to get you the best homeowners insurance at the best price.  All of our agents at MJM Insurance® of St Louis City are dedicated to you and will tailor each policy based off the individual needs of our clients.

The Missouri Department of Insurance provides answers to the most common questions of home owners or people looking to purchase a home.  The information covers topics such as why buy home insurance, how much home insurance you need, what affects home insurance prices and more.

The Insurance Information Institute is also where to learn more about home insurance in St Louis City MO.  The Insurance Information Institute exists to educate the public on what insurance is and what it does.  The blog includes posts covering what is homeowners insurance, what are the different types of policies, which disasters are covered by homeowners insurance and what happens if you own a home without homeowners insurance.

What if your child invited her friend over and he/she fell into a small hole and broke their ankle?.  The child’s parent has the right to collect for damages from your homeowner policy. However, if you do not have the proper bodily injury coverage in your homeowners insurance policy, you may be putting yourself and your family in a bad situation.

Contact an agent with MJM Insurance® of St Louis City and discuss the next important step, protecting your home and family.

HOMEOWNERS….  MJM Insurance® Of St Louis City IS where to learn more about home insurance in St Louis MO!

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